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Come Ride With US

June 2, 2017

When: Friday, June 2 - 10am-5pm
Come join Honda Canada at Lindsay Cycle and test ride the latest 2017 motorcycle lineup.

Rides will fill up fast. Be sure to contact Lindsay Cycle on this page, by email, or by phone to reserve your spot on the ride!
 Participants Must
• Read, understand, and sign waiver (both rider and passenger)
• Be age of majority
• Have valid Motorcycle license
• Have required riding gear
 Participant Gear Required
 Below is the list of MINIMUM gear requirements for CRWU participants
• D.O.T. approved helmet
• Eye protection
• Sturdy Jacket (denim or better –no vest)
• Full coverage gloves
• Full length pants (denim or better)
• Boots (that’s cover your ankles)
 Riding Rules
• All rules of the road must be followed
• Riders are to stay in position 30ft behind the rider immediately ahead
• Ride in staggered formation during ride and change to single file through corners
• No passing allowed
• No lagging and subsequent charging ( sling-slotting)
• All direction from lead and chase rider are to be obeyed.
• If you are experience difficulties, stop and wait for assistance.
• No stunting (wheelies, burnouts etc.)
 This year’s 2017 “Come Ride With Us” Fleet will consist of the following models:
 2017 Goldwing
 2017 Goldwing (Bagger)
 2017 VT1300CXA (Fury)
 2017 VT750C2B (Phantom)
 2017 CMX300 (Rebel 300)
 2017 CMX500 (Rebel 500)
 2017 NC750XA
 2017 NC750XD
 2017 CBR500RA
 2017 CB500FA
 2017 CB500XA
 2017 CBR300RA
 2017 CB300FA
 2017 CRF1000L (Africa Twin + Africa Twin DCT)
 2017 CRF250L
 2017 CRF250RL (Rally)

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